Power window failure: replace the motor/regulator unit, or just the motor? (2001 Toyota Solara)

I’ve got a 2001 Toyota Solara, and the driver’s side power window has stopped working (in the “up”) position. Other windows and powered items in the car work, and there’s no sound when I hit the electric switch. From a rough inspection of the apparatus, I don’t think that the regulator itself is shot. I’d love to repair this myself…but for this car it will be way more expensive to buy the regulator/motor unit than just the motor online. Any advice/suggestions are most welcome!

Further inspection is needed to see about the ease ,or not, of the sliding parts .
Hung up and sticking slides and tracks can take out a motor from it trying too hard.
If in doubt…and due to its age…I’d replace the assembly.

It’s sounds like replacing the motor is a great idea until you have to tear back in a couple of weeks later and replace the regulator. I did this last year and spent more time and money replacing both components than I needed too in a short amount of time. I agree with ken green on this one.

Check to make sure the unit is getting voltage before replacing it!

No sound? Maybe a wire has broken. Some of the wires involve have to go into the door from the body, near the hinge area. The opening and closing of the door might have eventually broken a wire.

@Barkydog is right. Start with the switch itself. A bad contact there will explain everything. Do you see any clue at all that power is getting to the motor?

Thanks very much for the feedback. I had to wait till this weekend to pull open the door again.
@Barkydog and @GeorgeSanJose , there’s no sound at all from the motor, but in this car, the wires don’t seem to come close to the door hinge. There is an electrical clicking in the switch box when I play with the buttons though. Does this make an electrical issue less likely? How would I ascertain further?
@“ken green” and @missileman , thanks for your comments. While I’d love to say the $400 price difference between the motor alone, and the motor/regulator unit, I would hate to burn through another motor in short order… The car hasn’t seen a tonne of use, despite its age–125,000 km, although that might not count for much in terms of this issue! It’s hard for me to tell on inspection how smoothly the regulator is functioning–partly because I haven’t done this before, and partly because there isn’t as much working space in this car’s door as some that I’ve seen online. The window stopped working/became stuck in the ‘up’ position. Should I be able to push it down easily, or play the cable system by hand easily?
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