Drivers side window problem 98 tahoe

pulled up to subway today and hit the switch to put the window down for my order. paid the lady got my order hit the switch but the window went half way up and stopped! drove off and tried to make it go down or up, nothing! tried again in a couple of minutes then it went up. haven’t done anything since.

am I looking at a huge repair? never had a problem before. thanks in advance.

the window motor needs replaced. I need to do that myself with wife’s car.

Try opening and closing the door while operating the window switch. If the window starts to move at a certain point, you just found a short between the door and the body of the vehicle.


thanks for the reply. if that’s the trouble is it a big repair? and I guess you don’t think it is the regulator or motor? thanks

Sounds like the internal circuit breaker on the widowlift motor was tripped. It then cooled down and started working again. That may indicate a high current condition. Does the window on the drivers side run slower than the passenger? If so, something is adding a big buncha drag on the regulator assembly. It may be starting to fail or it may just need a little lube. Pull off the door panel and take a peek inside, spray some lithium lub and see if it gets faster. IF it runs as fast as the pass side, the switch may be starting to fail. That’s a common problem and a cheap, easy fix.