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Electric Window

My wife’s ZX2 driver side electric window will not go up after it has been lowered. It will go up a little bit each time the button is pushed and can be pulled up then stay if the button is pushed. I think that the window motor is damaged but do not know how to test it or replace it if it is bad. I would appreciate any advice on this subject. Thank you.

The salvage yards are full of Escorts. You might want to change the window motor out if you are mechanically inclined, have a mechanically inclined friend help out or take it in to a good, independent mechanic.

It might need lubrication. Spray some silicone lube into the tracks on either side above the window and let it sit for a half hour. Then try to raise the window. This is a cheap fix if it works, so just buy the lube if you don’t have it already. You can try it a few times in one day. If it doesn’t work, you probably should replace the motor/regulator combo. You can buy new ones on line or get a salvage part as @missileman suggested.