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Window stuck down on front driver side

Is it possible that the switch is broken? Motor is not clicking, there is no sound-and it worked again for half a day suddenly. Any suggestion on where to get new switch box…no u-pulls had any, or auto part stores. At a loss…

The DC motor in the window does both the up and down by reversing the polarity, which is done by the switch. The switch has both positive and negative and the toggle controls the polarity.

The switch or cables up to it may be bad. Since it’s the driver door, I’m guessing the switch, it’s the most complex component. To verify it’s not the motor, remove the door panel and locate the wires to the motor. Apply voltage one way, then the other. (Window goes up, window goes down.) Price for my '91 Camry’s driver window control panel was just under $200. I chose to supply a ground on that door (right front) and now the driver cannot control it but the passenger can.

Please be careful and remember that while car voltage is low, amperage is high. You can easily start a fire or weld metal to metal, including tools. Be careful with those loose wires.

Needs properly diagnosed. Just because you dont hear the motor click doesnt mean its a bad switch. What is the year, make and model?

WE did the test…all other windows go up and down but not the driver’s. This was in the electronic panel. That piece apparently cost about 200 if its not from a u-pull, and none around here have any right now. At this point I am just wondering if I can get my window up-I have plastic covering for now.

I have 97 Honda Passport (alot like the isuzu rodeo)