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2001 ford windstar power windows

my driver window stopped halfway,so i put power to the motor to put the window up.i purchased a new window switch and tha didn’t work.

Did you check to see if the switch is getting power?


all of the other windows work,and both outside mirors work.
when i try to put the driver window down i hear a clicking noise like a relay trying to work.and when i try to put the window down it would work when it wanted to.until it got stuck halfway,and i put power to the motor with the plug unattached the window went up with no problem.

Is it an auto-down window?

yes it is.

The problem might be in the driver’s door module then. If you replace this module, you will have to reprogram your remotes and your keypad code(s).

i called my local ford dealer and asked them about a door module and they said they only list a relay.they also said to check power at the window motor.they also said that they’re could be a broken wire in the door harness.

I don’t know, maybe yours does the auto function in the GEM instead of a door module. You’ll have to trace the wiring from the switch to the motor.

…even Ford makes the occasional mistake. You know they don’t manufactur the Windstar anymore, right?

the plug going to the driver side motor has 11.4v to it.the switch is getting power
with my tester,the pink wire and the blue wire with a black stripe have constant power.the clicking noise i here is coming from the front electronic module i think.
the module has four plugs going to it above the brake pedal.