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Driver front seats that fit 1998 LeSabre Limited?

Can someone recommend a guide that will show which driver front seats would work as a replacement for a 1998 Buick LeSabre Limited? The seat frame is busted and leading to “gangsta lean.” I’m checking salvage yards for other LeSabre 1998s but wondered if there might be a guide to what other Buick/GM models have seats that could be switched out.

I guess I can just measure the the width and length of the bolts holding the seats onto the tracks and compare but I’ve got to think there is a guide out there somewhere providing this info.

All boneyards have cross-reference lists that show interchangeability. They’re all on the internet now, but any boneyard should be able to do a cross reference.

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I had that problem with my Buick Riviera. You keep the seat and just replace the seat mechanism. I just got one from a Upull place for about $25. You should have no problem finding a Buick seat frame at a junk yard. Just get the platform though not the whole seat and use your existing seat. So just have to know if its power or not.


You can also use the 4th letter of the VIN.
For example: 1G4H " H" is the body type. Many parts are interchangeable. Upholstery will be different. Hope you find the interchange list.

I have found a passenger seat but the broken seat is the driver seat. If I can figure out how to just replace the seatback, I’m good.

Can anyone offer advice on how to take apart the seatback? or, probably more important, how to replace the seatback? Guessing that I need a special tool to loosen this bolt.

Appreciate any thoughts.

Here’s opposite side of the mechanism.

That appears to be a TORX screw. Any hardware store has a screwdriver for that.

Yeah looks like the modified torx, whatever that is called again. A while back one of the folks here posted pictures of all the various types. It’d be worth searching for it a little. You really need several sets of screwdriver bits these days from phillips, torx, square, etc. and all the variations.

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You can get a torx socket set that will mate to your 1/4" and 1/2" ratchet.

Much thanks, everyone. I am confident that I can disassemble but a bit more
anxious about the assembly. I will update.