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Car Seat Compatibility

I have a 98 Park Avenue and the previous owners were huge people and totally crushed both front seats and I am wondering if I could interchange any other types of GM car seats with mine from this model year?

Do you already have some proposed seats picked out? If not, I’d suggest getting some from a salvage yard that will match your Buick for form fit and function as well as upholstery. Try for a still-puffy set near you. Failing that, any upholstery shop can add foam to your existing seats. Memory foam would be nice.

You might try a trim and upholstery shop to see if the shop can rebuild the seats. This might be a less expensive option than finding replacement seats.

If you go the salvage yard route, the salvage yards have manuals on which parts interchange.

Thank you for the advice I will probably go with the salvage yard as the HUGE previous owners also broke the controls for the power seats,