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Car seat control, '98 Buick Park Avenue

I have a ‘98 Buick Park Avenue (Grandmother’s car, inherited recently), low mileage, good car, but electric seat control (forward & backward) is shot (motor runs but “gears” are stripped). New seat platforms are no longer available (& listed at $1300+, anyway!!) Repairman suggested I get a seat from salvage yard, did, controls no better than the one I had. I need to get this working for my daughter, who is very short and needs the seat up close, but I also use it (and I’m 6’ 4") so need to have it workable for me to use (can’t just bolt it in one position & leave it there). Repairman tells me Buick had a lot of trouble with this model’s electric seats from the get-go, so getting one from salvage yard not likely to be a solution (if they were troublesome when new, probably not gonna be much good on a wrecked car that is 14-15 years old!)
Any suggestions???

junk yard can tell you what fits from a newer car and other gm cars maybe one from a newer car would have been updated and solve youre problem?

All Park Avenues from 1997 through 2005 are the same generation. Any seat from those model years should work. But as Big Marc said, confirm it with the salvage yard before you buy.

Thanks, Big Marc & jtsanders. I did check with a salvage yard (though just one), who said later years wouldn’t fit, but I’ll sure give it a try, “somewhere else”, for a 2004 or 2005, see what I can find. Again, thanks.