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Need to find a replacement seat for 1996 Chevy Cavalier - no luck

I’m looking for a replacement drivers side seat for a 1996 Chevy Cavalier (4 door, since I’m under the impression that makes a difference). I don’t want a racing style seat, as I have to work within a tight budget and am a tall and large framed individual with very broad shoulders anyway. I’ve had no luck with salvage yards, dealerships or the internet so far. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas? Also, do you know if any other makes/models/years share the same specs and would work as well? I don’t really want to order something online unless I’m POSITIVE that it will fit alright.

What is the problem with the driver’s seat in your Cavalier? I ask that question because an upholstery shop may be able to rebuild the seat.
A salvage yard should be able to tell you what seats interchange among different years or among different GM cars.

Thanks for the response Triedaq. There was a loud pop about a week back and now it won’t remain completely upright… it has a tendency to rock backwards if I relax at all. Not the best for driving now, but it does make for a good workout for the core LOL I’m planning on making repeat calls to the salvage yards when they open again tomorrow, but after the last round of calls, I’m not that confident that they will be of any real assistance… even if only for information.

I had a similar problem on a 1965 Rambler. I found the part on the seat frame that had broken and was able to order a replacement through the dealer.
I would bet that body shops have to deal with this problem frequently. In an accident, often something in the frame of the seat gives way. Perhaps the body shop has a technician that can fix the frame. It’s worth a try.

Once again, thank you. For some reason a body shop never came to mind. Good idea!

If you go to, there is at least 17 pages of front seats ranging in price. You can search by region and color to narrow it more.

On the other hand, I have had problems with the seat frame breaking on a couple cars. Depending on what broke, it can be welded back up again. You just have to take the seat out and take a look. Or you can get just the base from a junk yard and do the part replacement yourself. The part that bolts to the floor breaks and that can be welded. The rail itself can also break and this was aluminum on mine and was better just to replace the parts. I paid about $20 at a U Pull for a whole bottom frame on mine and swapped the bad parts. You didn’t say whether power or standard though and that makes a big difference.

It mite not be broke. If you can take the seat out,you will find that the covers come off easy. There is a bolt that can come lose. If it is broke it can be welded. I use to fix a lot seats. Funny GM mostly. If you find a seat thats close,you can have the tracks made to fit. You would be surprised how close the holes are to fitting or that will fit. A lot of were made by the same vendors. I have seen seats from a Ford have holes so GM tracks would bolt up. If the bolt did come out or you replace the frame work be sure to use loctite.