Driver Door

Why will my Driver Door not unlock or open?

Driver Door will not unlock with key from outside, by lock release from inside, by pulling up the plunger on the door or by initiating the Unlock command from the electronic (aftermarket) control from anywhere (2 other doors continue to respond to the electronic command while the 4th door never obeyed).

When I pull the door release handle there is no resistance, but I cannot detect any break in the linkage.

electronic (aftermarket) control That may be the problem. After market add ons are often the source of a lot of problems, especially in car electrics.

Reread the post. This isn’t just electronic. The mechanical ways to unlock the door aren’t working either. I would assume that the linkage has come loose somewhere.

It sounds like the mechanism at the latch is not working. Perhaps disconnected from the rods that operate it. Have you opened up the inside of the door? Does anything make any sound at all when you operate the lock? The electronic solenoid that moves the locking mechanism might be stuck, disconnected electrically or mechanically.

Can you get the inside panel off the door?

I have pulled Door Panel as far as possible without removing seat (4 inches). No sign of de-linking on mechanism. The remote door lock activates the plunger to both the Lock and Unlock position but the door remains locked.

Solution appears to be to pull the driver seat out, pull the door panel out as far as possible, and ‘walk the line’ both mechanically and electrically. Car has 255,000 highway miles, no rust and only factor that may be at play here is the actuator (solenoid).
The door was stressed slightly about 6 months before the lock down when I had the AAA open the door which had automatically locked with my keys (and remote start/lock) inside the car. this may have misaligned the mechanism (not likely) or whatever electronic ‘wilbury’ autolocked the door was a warning sign that the actuator was about to fail.