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Power door locks

My 2003 Honda CR-V key fob only locks and unlocks the passenger and rear doors. I cannot unlock or lock the driver’s door.

What might the cause be? Should a Honda dealer perform the repair and what might the cost be?

I assume that the button on the door also fails to lock or unlock the driver’s door?

It could be the lock motor/solenoid assembly (Sorry don’t know if Honda uses motors or solenoids.)
It could be the wiring to that assembly.
It could be the mechanical linkage.
It could be the electronic module that controls the locks.

No, I can lock and unlock the door with the key or from the inside.

Just to make this clear… I ask not about the mechanical lock/unlock. I am asking about the electric button (on the door) that unlocks/locks all doors at once. Does it work for the driver’s door? daughter has the car at college…not sure about that but she didn’t say anything about that button.

The electric button on the driver’s door works for all doors EXCEPT the driver’s door…same as the key fob.

Then the list provided by Tardis applies. Does the same “unlock and lock sound” emanate from the that door as from the others, any sound? If there is no sound, take the inner door cover off and start checking electrical connections. If there is a sound, take the inner door cover off and start checking mechanical connections and for binding.

This surely is nothing to panic about since the key will open the door. That is, unless the daughter is physically impaired and can not turn the key.

wow–that was rude. I will pursue my question elsewhere. Perhaps you should rerain from “helping” on this site.

He may not have been insulting. He tried to say that the priority would be higher if… We do understand that you would like the thing to work. Some of my worst moments came when I was trying too hard to be good.