Driver Door Buzz

My daughter drives an '07 Honda Accord LX. Since it purchase new, it had an intermittent buzzing sound from the driver side door, eventually escalating to about 90%. The selling dealer installed a door sealant to minimize wind noise, but that didn’t do the trick. It’s a really annoying noise (car now has 19,000 mi.)

What might be up here?

There’s no way of knowing without removing the inner door panel and looking. Since she has evidence via the shop order that it was brought in for correction under the warranty, the dealer should fix it for free even if the warranty is expired.

Agree, but am advising her to bring it to another Honda dealer. Selling dealer never heard the noise after the car was dropped off. When driving away, the noise was terrific, daughter turned around and insisted a service person drive the car with her. Then, the noise was heard! Presume any dealer will address under warranty.

Do you suspect this is a noise from wind? Possibly from a speaker?

What is a “door sealant”?

Not sure what the dealer installed. But made no difference. I think the dealer thought it was wind noise. Not.