'94 Accord "buzzing" from the trunk


I have a '94 Accord with 160k on it. Recently I have heard a “buzzing” or slight rattle in the rear of the car, almost the trunk. The noise occurs more at certain speeds, and disappears when I take a sharp turn to the left. It remains during right turns and when driving straight.

I first thought it was my bumper (the car has the typical Honda rust spot in the wheelwell/back panel, which has caused the bumper to come loose), but I secured that with trusty duct tape. Any ideas? Thanks.


Any chance it could be your jack and lug wrench a little loose in it’s storage well?


A loose or rusted exhaust pipe hanger perhaps?


Both good ideas, but I checked the jack and spare, and just got the exhaust replaced 7 months ago.

My mechanic took a brief look at it (not on the lift) and he said it might be a bearing in the wheel.

The thing that puzzles me is that the noise disappears when turning left, like when the left side is unweighted.


That would pretty well confirm that that it is likely to be a wheel bearing. If I were you, I would have this attended to before it seizes up at high speed. Believe me, it wouldn’t be pleasant if that happened.