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2008 Accord/ Vibration?

My husband and I test drove the new accord. At 60mph/5th gear we noticed a strange vibration in our ears as if one window was down slightly(all of them and the sunroof were closed). We drove two other cars and it happened with each of them too (one was a manual, one an automatic). Any ideas if this is just a new car thing or maybe the new body style?

Is it a 6-cylinder or 4-cylinder car? I understand that the 2008 6-cyl. Accords have an engine management system that shuts down a few of the cylinders at highway cruising speed. This might be it.

Pretty sure it was the 4 cylinder because they don’t make the 6 with a manual transmission any more. It really is more like an EAR vibration, then a sound. Like when you drive with one window cracked, and have to crack another to equalize the pressure. Of course the salesman said no worries it’s covered under warrenty. (Will will not buy it though, the thing is the interior size is great, for a 6’2" guy.)


Of course the salesman said no worries it’s covered under warrenty.[/i]

But good luck actually getting warranty service on a vague problem like that. I’d be worried about the classic “well we drove it and didn’t hear anything” kind of response. If you drove 3 and all three did it, this doesn’t sound like something that will be easy to identify and fix after the fact. At the very least you should be able to take the salesfolk out and have them recognize and then explain the issue.

If you are annoyed by it now, you will be driven to distraction if you own it. Find something else. don’t worry about what causes it, find a car that doesn’t do it.