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1998 honda accord power door lock makes a buzzing

when I lock the doors the right side door lock makes a buzzing noise. where can I find instruction on how to take the door apart and replace what i assume is a faulty solonid of some sort. and how can I find the right actuator. I foud some on Ebay for 8.99 for 2 are these the ight ones?

Go to any automotive store and have a look at a Haynes repair manual written just for your vehicle.

It will show and tell how to remove the door panel. Most are relatively easy but I can’t say if Honda’s are the same.

Does the passenger door power lock switch work?

The lock won’t activate, or does and you get an associated buzzing sound?

Are you able to unlock the door manually from the inside or with the keyfob (remote)?
If it will, then you have eliminated the possibility of broken/damaged linkage.

Before you order anything, after the door panel is off and you have pulled the plastic membrane (moisture barrier) down to expose the lock mechanism, ensure the lock actuator ground wire connection is clean and tight. (Some actuators are grounded when mounted to the door)

Also test for 12V power to each side of the actuator to verify a faulty actuator.

thanks for the advice. i was able to get the panel off no I’m just struggling with getting the actuator out of the door. it looks like i have to take the entire assembly out including the outside handle.