Honda Accord 2018 Window sounds open

My car only has 7,036 miles. For the past several months while driving as low as 50 mph the driver’s side window sound open, a Whistling sound. What’s causing this?____. Window is fully shut. Already made appt at dealership where i purchased the car to get it checked-out.

Already have much issues with this make & mode. See link below.

So i took it to the Honda Dealer. They said: Noise coming from Door Mirror, Rubber Seal NOT secured, Resecure door mirror seal as per s/b.
In the notes they wrote it up as: “WeatherStrip Recall”

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Yep, hopefully your dealer will take care of this for you.

Very likely that the windshield seal or the side mirror(s) aren’t positioned just right. You’d be amazed how little something needs to stick up to cause a significant amount of noise.


So the window sounds like it is open(maybe cracked open and not fully open?) when it’s closed all the way?

Try rolling the window down then back up again, if you haven’t already. If you have, ask if the service rep can spare a tech to go with you on a short ride to duplicate the sound- this will help the mechanics to better help fix your problem.

You could try (before starting out) pushing upward on the window with both hands then see if that reduces the wind noise. If so, a clue it isn’t closing 100% or there’s a problem with the gasket position. Should be easy enough to fix at the dealership. On my Corolla if the window is down even a tiny bit, say 1/16 inch, it will create a definite wind noise. Very easy to address of course with hand-crank windows.


Temporarily seal the window with blue painter’s tape. If the noise goes away, then you know the issue is the window seal.


A windshield replacement tech once told me that a bad door/window seal can be located pretty quickly by spraying a foaming window cleaner all around the outside edge of the window and the door. Then go to the other side of the car and open/close the door. If any of the foam flew away you know where the problem is.

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Update: So i took it to the Honda Dealer. They said: Noise coming from Door Mirror, Rubber Seal NOT secured, rescued door mirror seal as per s/b.

In the notes they wrote it up as: WeatherStrip Recall

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Good goin’ and thanks for the update.

There has to be a joke in there of some kind.

Me thinks ’ resealed '.

Had something similar on a new 1991 Jeep Cherokee. They still had the little vent windows and the weather stripping was improperly installed. Easy warranty fix.

The guy wrote: Resecure Door Mirror Seal. Like what you had mentioned, think he meant to write: Reseal. Unless that guy can’t write proper grammar.

There is a service bulletin to “secure the door mirror seal” to address a noise complaint.

What do you mean by “service bulletin” ?

A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) issued by Honda showing how to correct the problem with the mirror. I did not see a recall.

Well than i wonder why they wrote it up as a: “Recall” on the form they always give me as i leave.

Easier to write than “technical service bulletin” or “repaired under warrantee.” Less confusion than just writing “TSB.” Those terms, and “Recall,” have been used imprecisely by many, including people in the industry.

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Because they were confused or sloppy. Did you receive a recall notice from Honda for this?

You can check for recalls at

There is one recall shown, for the rear view camera software.

Nope, i haven’t received a recall notice.

Recalls, as I understand the term, are for safety-related problems and are required by federal law. A failed back-up camera fits, an annoying wind whistle doesn’t.