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Door Seals - HELP

So, I need to replace the door seals on the two backseat doors (both drivers-side rear door and passenger-side rear door) on my 2016 Nissan Sentra. I was quoted $450 for the repair. While I know that I can buy the materials to reseal the doors myself, I don’t have the patience or confidence not to mess it up. Am I being quoted too much?

how much would it be for you to buy the parts yourself?

why do you need to replace the seals? Is there something else wrong (that is prematurely tearing up seals,) that the person that quoted you $450 will be also fixing?

I found seals for $75 for each door on the expensive side and the glue needed for $50. Looking at with the expensive parts - I believe, I could be wrong - around $200.

The seals that were placed on the car have been repaired before but seem to have been stretched or put on wrong. At this point, I would rather the seal be replaced in its entirety since its being shoved, for lack of a better word, into place. There is nothing prematurely wrong. They quoted me blindly - over the phone - that a basic replacement would be $450.

having to have door seals replaced twice already on a 2016 car, I’d find out what is damaging the seals and prevent it.

Beyond that- you can get the parts yourself for about $200. Is it worth it to you to pay someone else $250 to put them on? how afraid are you to do this yourself?
There are some videos on youtube on how this is done- perhaps watch some of them and see if this is something you feel comfortable with.
if you don’t feel comfortable yourself, don’t be afraid to shop around for second and third opinions and compare prices.

They weren’t replaced while in my use. They were repaired, resealed multiple times. I asked the first few times why they weren’t staying to which the dealership said they didn’t know or claimed the cold we were experiencing was causing the glue to become incompatible with the door frame. The third time I took it somewhere other than the dealership for a $50 repair to which they said a full replacement will probably be necessary if the issue persists.

I would go to a body shop for this if I did not want to do it myself, not a dealer.


If the glue became incompatible (went through glass transition temperature), the repair shop used the wrong glue. I agree with @oldtimer_11. Get a quote from an independent body shop. Maybe your auto insurer uses certain shops in your area. You could call and ask who they use nearby.