2006 Subaru Forester aftermarket window seals

Is there an aftermarket place to have door/window seals replaced on 2006 Subaru ?? Wind noise awful.

I agree the wind noise is really bad, I have a 2015, same.

But I doubt seals will help, but let me know if you find any.

A body shop can do that. Has it gotten worse over time? It could be worn seals, maybe window alignment. You might search Forester forums, looks like it’s a common problem.

It is really bad. I got a quote from a dealer years ago–they wanted

$2700. to replace all the seals. It wasn’t nearly as bad then as it

is now. In the winter, cold air is coming in. I can’t hear the radio

as well as I’d like. If the car wasn’t so awesome in many other ways,

I’d trade it. I bought it new. In almost 11 years, I’ve spent a total

of $20 on repairs! However, the cruise control went out. But since I

didn’t use it much due to mostly city driving, I didn’t get it replaced.

The only times it didn’t start in all these years was when the battery

died. It is so safe, and has all-wheel drive.

I’ll try the body shops. Thanks for the tip.


Someone suggested a body shop. I’m going to check that out this week.

Will let you know what I learn.


That is the price that is quoted to make a problem go away, they made an estimate to replace every seal perhaps because the complaint wasn’t clear and they have had bad experiences with satisfying those who complain about noises.

If there is a particular air leak location that troubles you, perhaps you could ask for that location to be repaired. Replacing one window seal would only cost perhaps $300.

I used to own 2007 Outback, where this noise was really annoying.

Surprisingly, the fix costed me $0: it was coming from the seals between the mirror and the glass, so I lowered the glass, then use fingers to squeeze the lips of that seal, trying to relocate them where they would hold the glass better, and surprisingly it became silent :slight_smile:

The “repair” held for a couple of years, then some faint noise started to come again, then I knew what to do.

Thanks for the tip. Will certainly try it. I’ll let you know the


Allene Deuson

Thanks. At first it seemed to be only the driver’s side, but now it is

most of them. One suggestion I received sounds promising. I’ll try

it and send it to you if it works.

Allene D.