Could anyone tell me how much the door repair would cost?

I was half-minded the other day when I was parking my car in the parking lot. So the driver’s door was jammed by a pole and I managed to get the car out with some help from other customers at the parking lot while tried to minimize the damage to my car.

So the driver’s door’s bottom edge was ripped, and there are some damages to the surface, but everything is still functioning properly. For the back door, there are some scratches and some paints came off. The bend of the back door is not very noticeable. Could anyone tell me how much the repair would cost roughly? It’s a new car (less than 1 year) and I plan to do the repair in PA, thanks.

No , no one on the web can tell you how much it will cost . Year old car , you should have full coverage insurance so call your carrier and just pay your deductible and have it repaired.


Drive to the nearest body shop for a free estimate. Then you will actually know what it costs to repair it.

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Thanks, and will that drive up the premium in the future?

Yes, it will drive up the premium.


Thanks man, yeah I think I will just check with several body shop nearby and see how much they are gonna charge.

Looks like $3,000 in damage. Call your insurance company for guidance, they may send an inspector.


Just use your insurance because this repair will be much more than your deductible and the amount your insurance premiums increase . It may be that they might not increase or very little if you have been claim free for several years .


Thanks Nevada_545, will call the insurance company after the body shops give me their estimates. Purrr, I should have been more careful, not sure what I was thinking then.

New driver here and since I don’t drive that often now due to the lockdown and this car is parked in the parking lot, my insurance company will increase the premium for sure. But thanks for your reply though. Just curious, what makes you say the repair will be more than the deductibles and the increase in the premiums? I know the paint work and the front door repair will be expensive, but didn’t expect them to be that expensive…

IMO, you need both doors on the drivers side replaced, plus paint. The body shop will remove everything in both doors and remount everything on the new doors. That’s a fair amount of work.


Oh well…yeah that’s a lot of work, and if that’s the case, I can see where the high repair cost is coming from. But will there be a problem if I don’t get them fixed? I mean yeah they look ugly now, but everything is still functioning properly - not sure if I should ask the body shop this question, very likely they are gonna tell me yea I better get them fixed

It depends whether you are annoyed by the way this looks on a nearly new car. Every time you get in or out of the car, you will see it for as long as you own it. When you sell it, no one will want to buy it unless you heavily discount it. Let’s say repair costs Are $3000 this week. If you want to sell it in 10 years, it is likely to be over $4000 to repair it. Take that four grand off the value of your car, plus whatever else is wrong with it.


Hard to tell but might get by with outer skins on both with some massaging of the front door structure.

$500 to$3500 hard to say. Cheaper methods ask about door skin replacement or used door from a wreck. Surf over to pick and pull msybe they have that exact car on blocks with a good door ready and waiting.

One time i got a wheel in midair over a deep curb in downtown denver somehow. Car wont move… lol…so i can see how something like that could happen. Next time however do what i did…ask for help . Dont try to solve on own.

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It is surprising to me how often I see mismatched body parts, evidently what ever color you need is not in stock :slight_smile:

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I see teenagers with mismatched body parts they call it style so thats an option.

Lol this is really my fault cuz I was trying to park next to that pole and thought the space was enough to make that turn, but nope. My car or more specifically, the front door was jammed there by the pole and couldn’t move. So we (me, the parking lot staff and 2 other customers who were willing to help) gotta put a wrench between the front car door and the pole, just to get my car out of the way; it was also blocking other people. I did ask for help and that was the best solution we came up with at that time. Sigh, not sure what I was thinking when I was parking. This lockdown is too long and it ruined my brain…

Yeah I was going to say at least $2000 but that could be way low. I suspect they may want to re-skin that door being a new car. The last work I had was a front bumper cover, headlight. and a fender and hood ding and the bill hit $3000. Paint alone is $400 a gallon and the guy that can paint and knows how to blend is not cheap either. Happens to everyone so that’s what insurance is for.

As far as not getting it fixed, if you have a lien on it, you are required to fix it, usually. OTOH, for a new car, why in the world wouldn’t you?

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You don’t need to shop around, the insurance company has claim adjusters that will make a repair estimate if the body shops estimate is too high. Choose a collision shop that can provide a dealer quality repair.

Installing used doors if available may reduce the cost of repair by 20% but this will still cost more than you expect.

You won’t find 2019 or 2020 model year vehicles in a self serve salvage yard, their inventory usually consists of older vehicles of low value.