Leaky front door seals on my 1985 Chevy Celebrity

Greetings everyone! For the past couple of years, both of my 1985 Chevy Celebrity?s front door seals have been leaking increasingly more water onto the floorboard carpet. And living here in the great Pacific Northwest, that can amount to plenty of water. And when this happens during the cooler times of the year, and the car heat is turned on, of course I end up with steamed interior windows. In turn, this gets me sort of steamed, too. I really need to put an end to this before the upcoming wet season.

In all probability I?m sure I need to replace both door seals. Having paid way too much for an original equipment manufacturer trunk seal on another vehicle in the past that I replaced, I shudder to think what the local Chevy dealership is going to charge me for these door seals. I?m wondering if there are third party original equipment manufacturers selling these seals?

Dry feet for now,


You can try these guys- www.steelerubber.com

I’ve bought quite a few parts from them for restorations. I found your rear decklid (trunk) seal on their site for about $37. Hopefully, they also have the door seals. Calling them might be the fastest way to get an answer…

You might try another chevy dealer. I’ve sometimes been pleasantly suprised at how reasonable parts for older cars cost at the GM dealer. And before you go looking for aftermarket parts, you should at least know what the genuine article costs.

If I were you, I’d pull the carpet back and make sure you don’t have a nice mold colony living in the padding. I’d hate to breathe that in.


You are right, and as soon as I cut off the water supply to any mold colony, I’ll be relocating them to the inside of my carpet steam cleaner.


Today I called the parts departments at a couple of local Chevy dealerships. The best prices I could get for new front door seals was $150.00 for the driver?s side seal and $135.00 for the passenger?s side seal. It would be two day delivery to the dealership from a warehouse in Reno. At these prices I am understandably still interested in third party original equipment manufacturers who are selling these seals.