Door Open Sensor on a 1996 Nissan Sentra

The sensor that detects that my driver side door is open doesn’t work on my 1996 Nissan Sentra. Thus, no dome light comes on, no buzzer if the key is left in the ignition and no chime if I leave my headlights on. All annoying problems that I have suffered. Where is the sensor located? How easy is it to fix?

Almost all cars locate the door sensor right on the door jamb. Have you actually just looked? They’re usually in plain view. It’s not hard to fix, just go pick up a new one and whip out the tools.

If you are talking about those plastic pins that go in and out as the door opens and closes, this car does not have them, neither does my 1999 Mazda pickup. That is why I’m stumped.

Did you look on the door itself in the front where the hinges are?

Don’t know about the sentra but, the 99 mazda ( ford ranger ) p/u has them INSIDE the door mounted to the latch in order to sense any movement of the levers in the latch. If this is true for the sentra, check also the wires into the door from the A-pillar, and of course you checked the fuse first.

I checked the door and jam and there is no button mechanism. I ruled out the fuse since the passenger door when opened turns on the dome light. I’ll have the wiring checked although the wiring bundle is well covered with no signs of damage. The mechanism may very well be in the latch.