Car thinks driver's door isn't closed

I have a 99 Taurus station wagon that sometimes decides the driver’s door isn’t closed. When this happens (and it’s more and more lately) if the car is cranked the dash warning light that the door is open will be on and if I’m not sitting in the driver’s seat it will ding. When the car is off and I’m not in the driver’s seat it will ding continuously…all night…all day…as long as I’m not in the driver’s seat. Is there something I can unplug to make the dinging stop?

Thank you

Maybe. The door sensor is most likely in the door latch, and once the door is opened, the sensor closes a circuit that the body module reads to know the door is open. These electrical connections are inside the door panel, and it must be removed to gain access. However, if the circuit is closed when the latch is opened, a jumper may need to be installed to achive the same effect.

The switch is inside the door latch. Lubrication of the latch may correct the problem.

Same problem with a 98 Windstar. Spray the inside of the door latch with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner (or WD-40 in a pinch) to clean the contacts.

Ed B.

Don’t unplug anything. Fords have a history of this and more so on the Taurus. Get a can of PB Blast and soak the door latch. Then open and close the door as many times as you can stand.

does your car have a passenger door alarm too? if so, carefully observe how the latch closes and opens. you can use a screw driver to make the two levers click together. observe the black plastic plunger inside the steel levers. THAT is what you are trying to lube in the drivers door.

Well, I just can’t thank y’all enough. I didn’t have any contact cleaner but since I worship at the alter of duct tape and WD 40 I had that. I sprayed some WD 40 into the door latch and the problem is solved! MUUUUWAAAAAAAAAHHH to all y’all!

You need to now spray some proper lubrication into the door latch. The WD-40 has washed the grease that is supposed to be there out. If you don’t replace it [the grease], the latch may fail in a year or so.

Tardis is correct and in addition to that WD40 tends to gum up and it will collect dirt. Use something different in the future. I use PB Blast.

I will go to the auto parts store today and buy some PB Blast. Thank you again.