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Stupid alarm/ door sensor

So, a while back something melted in the handle of my driver side door. Now the car thinks the door is open all the time. I no longer use the interior lights function that is linked to the door opening. I drive with the door open light on my dash. And on top of that my car alarm likes to go off at really inconvenient times for no reason.

I’m about to embark on a DIY repair.I’ve personally done thousands of small consumer electronics repairs but this will be a first for me on car electronics. I know how to get the door panel off but I’m not sure about what to do once I’m in there other than clean up as much as I can. Can anyone tell me what wires are the alarm and what wires are the car door sensors? Any suggested is much appreciated. Thanks!

2012 Kia Optima

Can you be more clear about what melted where?

It could be the switch on the door jamb. Sometimes it is stuck. Have you tried fiddling with it?

Where is the switch in the door jam? How would I “fiddle” with it?

There is no switch in the door jamb.

All the switching is done thru the door handle.

That’s why the interior lights come on just by pulling on the door handle without opening the door.

Once the door panel is removed, wear a heavy sleeved shirt. Because the openings in the door will have very sharp edges.

All you can do is remove the door handle/switch and see if it can be saved or does it need to be replaced.


Thanks Tester. Could it just need to be cleaned? If so what is the best way to clean the wires in the door. Air? Water? Something else?

I would have thought you would know about this stuff since you’ve done thousands of small consumer electronic repairs.


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No need to get snippy Tester. Car doors are different than iPhones. Thanks for the suggestion.