Lighting problems

What would cause the dome light in the car and the door open symbol on the dash to come on when the car makes a left turn? When this happens the doors unlock if they were in the locked position while we are driving.

My first place to look would be the wires going between the door and the body on the hinge side of the door.

My second step would be to check and make sure the passenger door is completely closed, and stays that way. If the door is only closed at the first latch, then it can be swung slightly outward when you turn left, which could trip the “door’s open, turn on the dome light” sensor.

Thanks for the responses guys. Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes the lights come on more often than other times. Is it possible that the frame is flexing slightly, which would account for the switches making and breaking contact more frequently when making sharper turns? And therefore, can I adjust the switches to compensate for this? And if so, how? Any other input would be greatly appreciated.

The door switches are actually located in the door handles.

Try getting in the vehicle, have someone tape the door handles so they don’t move and take it for a test drive. See if the same thing occurs. If not, there’s something wrong with one of door switches.


I tried to secure the door and while the door was pulled in, the problem did not occur. If this means that the door switch is loose, is there an adjustment that I can do to correct the problem? Thank you for your help on this matter.

Once you find the switch I suggest you see how it is mounted. I would think there would be enough movement to fix the trouble. Cleaning the contacts may help also. It’s a simple problem, the hardest part is just getting access to it if it is inside the door.