My car is crazy

I have a Plymouth Grand Voyager SE. Just recently the interior lights and the door ajar sensor flashes on and off. It also makes the dinging noise for when your door is actually open. I have only noticed that it does it at night. Please help.

Sounds like you probably have a bad door pin switch. Each door has a little switch that triggers when you open it to tell the lights to come on. Sometimes they put the switches inside the latch assembly. Someone is going to have to spend some time looking at what triggers the lights and try to isolate which one has failed. The drivers door is always a good place to start since it gets opened the most. Also look and see if one door doesn’t quite close all the way. It could just be out of adjustment which isn’t letting the switch be closed completely.

What year and mileage?

Besides what pj suggested, also spray some electrical contact cleaner on the power sliding door electrical contacts and door post contacts.
You may want to do the same to the rear hatch.

Also check to ensure there are no foreign objects in the bottom roller track keeping the door(s) from shutting completely.

My 99 plymouth voyager was possesed for awhile. Doors locking themselves, bells dinging as I went down the road. I took it to the shop and they reset the computer so the door sensors would find themselves again. I tried cleaning/oiling the latches and nothing worked.
Not too expensive of a fix but well worth it for my sanity