Dome light


I have a Ford Ranger p-u 1998. The passenger side door does not turn off the dome light when I close it. Does it have a sensor that is not working. I can’t seem to find any kind of switch that would turn it off when you close the door. I had to remove the bulb so as to not run down my battery.


If the interior courtesy light comes on when the passenger door is opened, the light should turn off when closed.

There is a button type switch mounted somewhere in the door frame and it is likely sticking.

Spray a little electrical contact cleaner in it and work it by hand a few times so the cleaner penetrates.

You should have the same type switch for the drivers door. Compare locations.


Does the dome light go on and off when you open/close the drivers door?

If the light is on all the time then perhaps the dimmer control is turned hard over and won’t allow the light to turn off.


The switch is in the door latch area. Spray it with some WD-40, and open & close the door a dozen times to work it in.


On the same same problem, I can’t seem to find any switches of any kind that are visible to clean or move or anything. The manual says there’s a relay that controls the dome light. Any other suggestions?


As a previous poster said, spray the door latch with electrical contact cleaner or WD-40. I work the door handle while spraying the latch.

Ed B.


Most times when people have the problem, there is a little wheel on the dash that you rotate up or down. On Fords, if the headlight switch is a pull out one, you just rotate it as if to dim the dash lights.


Ed is correct. The switch that controls the dome light is inside the door attached to the latching mechanism. These are a common problem. You can try spraying the latch mechanism but more then likely you will need to remove the door pannel to clean the switch.
Look here for detailed instructions for replacement:
~Michael (Dartman69)