Dome light!

i have a 1999 ford ranger and when i close the passenger door, the dome light stays on for about 10 minutes when i either park the truck or drive it, it is driving me crazy, and is very distracting, there is no automatic shut off switch for this. Also the person who had the truck before me made some modifications with the lights (neon underglow lights, halogen lights)

Many times this happens because of dirt in the door latch. Spray it with some WD-40 while working the latch a few times. This happens periodically with my 99 Ranger, the WD-40 trick will stop it for a few months.

I agree that the door latch might be the culprit but don’t use WD-40. It will gum up. I believe PB Blast is a better choice. It is an excellant product. You might even try PB Blast then a chaser of white lithuim grease.

I agree with the two posts above. Had the exact same problem in my 98 Taurus. Sprayed the door latch with a lubricant and working (opening and closing) the door several times and it hasn’t happenned in over 5 years.