Does anyone here have experience with a collapsible steering shaft?

On cars with a collapsible steering shaft, is it possible to collapse the shaft by pressure on the steering wheel? I’ve seen videos that show a C ring that should only allow compression from the direction an impact would occur, but I can’t tell for certain.

I assume that is how it would work. I kind of assumed it was part of the adjustment that allows a steering wheel to move forward and back, but it could possibly move farther back in an accident while possibly crushing some plastic. Excessive force can move some even when in locked position.

This is different than a collapsible steering column, which is the part between the steering rack or box and the place where it mounts inside the car.


in my limited experience with collapsible steering shafts, which is admittedly heavy duty trucks with the C Clip you describe, the collapsing only happens from front to back of vehicle. the steering column and thus the steering wheel, are not able to collapse forward.

other vehicles may be set up different, and from Testers video, it appears they are.