Steering wheel noise

I recently was getting into my 2000 Volvo S70 and my right knee slipped and hit the the steering wheel. This caused the wheel to lock into place. I started the car and the wheel unlocked but now there is a clicking sound coming from what sounds like the column. It only occurs when you turn the wheel when making a left or right turn, not for slighter movements or modest turns of the wheel. When in a parking garage and going arounf the levels, there is a click every time you proceed to the next level. The sound is not loud but drives me nuts. Does not (yet) intefere with controlling the movement of the car. Could I have broken something? I am positive this sound did not occur prior to this event.

My initial reaction is that you jarred or even cracked the cheap plastic lower cowl (cover) of the steering column. The click you hear is harmless contact of the plastic with a projection on the column itself. Inspect the cowl for looseness or cracks.