Steering Wheel Lock being bent - How?

How they are able to bend this thing?

Its from

My WAG, a gorilla pulled it, the threaded area is the weakest area.
I would think the steering wheel would be damaged no matter how they got the club off.

Easy-peasy… a pipe on the right end, pry hard, it bends in the middle and pops off the wheel. Steering wheels are strong, this POS is not.

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The unfortunate thing about The Club and similar devices is that 1) they’re not that hard to defeat and 2) they serve as an advertisement to the casual thief that there’s something worth stealing.

So do you think that the right end needs to be aligned against the windshield so that he would not be able to insert the pipe?

PS: I usually would say s/he to follow equal opportunity but this is done by men only?

The Club was soon seen to be a waste of money . The original ones could be removed just by using a hack saw on the steering wheel . Now with a battery powered drill and a cutting wheel in less than minute the club is in 2 peices . So don’t waste your money.

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My old Club only had one set of hooks, and I put it on the back of the steering wheel to make it harder to do this.

I never saw The Club as a something that would stop a determined thief. It’s a deterrent, so your hope is that someone will see it and move on to an easier target. The Club failed to do that for whoever took that picture.

You know what else deters car thieves? A manual clutch.

The thief would just saw through the steering wheel with a battery powered saws all. The Club might be hardened steel but the steering wheel core is mild steel.

And women steal cars, too.

As Mr Archimedes said: Leverage.