Dodge Grand Caravan Electrical Problems

Dear Click and Clack,

I am having problems with my Dodge Grand Caravan. All of the dealers in the San Jose are closed or have bad service. My car has three main issues that are inter-related:

-The indicator for Air Bag is

showing continuously while driving

-The horn and cruise control are not


-The radio frequency seems to be off,

only FM works

Dodge Grand Caravan, 2002, 2-Wheel Drive, 3.3 Engine.

Can you tell me what the problem is or please refer me to reputable diagnostic center?

Thanks so much


If the air bag light is on, and the horn and cruise control don’t function the problem is most likely with the clock spring located behind the steering wheel. As far as the radio goes, the problem might be with the radio tuner itself.


Have Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Ready And Call A Dodge Dealer. Many Dodge Caravans Are Eligible For Lifetime Clockspring Replacement Under A Free Recall, I Believe.

The problems you describe have electrics in the steering wheel.
As tester says, the radio could be a different problem.