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2007 Dodge Grand Caravan airbag light

Would like to know why my air bag indicator light stays on. Only 25k miles on 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan.

It is on because your airbag system has a fault that needs repair. It also means that they won’t deploy in an accident. You might want to get that looked into. Good repair shops have scan tools that can diagnose the problem.

When I finally retired from driving a school bus and I no longer commuted 5 days a week, my 2002 Town and Country started doing this. Alternating trips with our other car cured it. I think by driving it so little you are losing ground somewhere due to corrosion. My guess would be the clock spring in the steering wheel.

I was not worried about it, I drove a lot of years before the had air bags and in the years since, I have never came close to deploying one.

I’m not familiar with your car or this light, but do you have anything on the passenger seat when this happens?

Nothing on passenger seat and passenger airbag is turned off

What kind of ballpark repair price can I be looking at?

Mine, too. Not sure if it means the bags won’t work, but the responsible thing to do is to get the problem fixed.

There is no way to even guess a price over the web.

I’d figure that about an hour of labor, at whatever that rate is in your locale, will buy you an estimate of repair costs and then you can go from there. Some shops will apply part or all of that labor to the actual total repair bill.

It could be a relatively inexpensive fix or it could be relatively expensive and that just a relatively rough estimate.

Make an appointment. Spend a little for the diagnosis (as I mentioned earlier). A shop will need to retrieve the special diagnostic trouble codes that pertain to the passive restraint system in your vehicle. An estimate is not possible without that.

Once you receive the estimate it will be up to you go ahead with the fix :+1:t2: or drive it away as is :-1:t2: .

We used to have a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country that developed this problem but there was a factory recall on the clockspring and the dealer replaced the clockspring for free. Although your van is newer than the one we had it would be good to at least check with a dealer and see if there is a recall.

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