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Dodge Grand Caravan Electrical Issues

Our 2006 Grand Caravan has an intermittent electrical issue which causes the dashboard dials to bounce up and down, headlights to flicker, and the odometer and other digital displays to go in and out. Also, the radio will go on/off during this symptom.

Symptom has escalated to a point that on a couple of occasions at a stop sign or stop light, the car has actually stalled. Starts again fine.

Seems to happen more while idling or at slower speeds but does also occur less severely on the freeway.

Alternator and battery have both been replaced, and the symptom disappeared for a couple of months after replacing the battery.

Interested in possible causes and/or good auto electrical mechanics in the Atlanta, GA area.

For a good mechanic in your area check the ‘Mechanics Files’ link above.

My first guess would be a ground problem. Either a loose connection at the battery or the cable from the battery to the chassis.

I second @SteveCBT. Look for those bonding straps that connect the engine to the body as well as a ground wire that goes from the negative battery terminal to the body.

There are also two bonding straps from the instrument panel to the body under the dashboard.

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The problem might be with the Totally Integrated Power Module.

Everything electrical in your vehicle is controlled thru this module.

This is basically a small computer that controls relays and the voltage that passes thru the fuses.


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I expect Tester is probably correct. But one idea the OP could try, drive the car with only a single key in the ignition. Nothing else dangling. If that improves the situation, suspect a faulty ignition switch. This is especially true if you normally have quite a bit of weighty accouterments on your key chain, which will damage the switch over time.

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