Do you find listening to the show fun/useful anymore?


I find that I’m making less of an effort to listen each week. For me, I think it’s because I used to learn stuff I didn’t know. I’d really like to learn about the issues with today’s vehicles, like safety features or the various computers and features. Or the “fun” in using a map app with your significant other.
How dedicated are you to weekly listening?


The show has been off the air live for a long time. Some of the comments may be out of date. It is still good entertainment though.


I listen to old shows I download as podcasts while working out at the gym. They are still fun, the guys are amusing and a relief from the political discussions all over NPR.


I never listen to the show anymore, listened to it every week, even before it was broadcast nationally. I remember when the brothers had a garage they would let DIY owners rent a lift for a modest fee to do their own work. That probably ended when some lawyer told them what would happen if one of the DIY crowd got hurt.


I can’t remember the last time I listened to a show. I just don’t find them interesting or funny anymore-not to be negative, just truthful. Sometimes on an all day drive we’ll get them on Sirius and it is entertaining considering the other programs. I really don’t think our locals carry it it anymore though. Too bad but talking about cars of the 80’s just doesn’t do it.


The show has always been more amusement for me than informative. The irony of two car guys giving advice to people who really don’t like cars much on a network that likes cars even less is brilliant. I see it like Lake Wobegon - where everyone is above average. That may have been the key to the show’s success as well as the brother’s back-and-forth patter.

I will still listen if I’m traveling in the car or at my desk on a weekend morning.


Even when they were on the air I only listened to them when I had the time. So now when I listen to them I rarely come across a show I heard before. So it’s new to me. Still enjoy the show when I find the time to listen to them.


I listen every week, usually via the current week’s podcast. I seldom remember hearing repeat calls. Except of course Dave in Bemidji. He’s sort of hard to forget … lol …

I continue to find the show interesting and entertaining. I continue to learn new stuff just by listening too.

Remember OP that you got to choose among what’s available. So be careful what you wish for. Without Car Talk broadcasts there may well be no weekly programming about cars and car repairs at all on NPR. .