It don't matter

It was such a blow to hear about Tom. But please keep running the show. I’m 72 and severely dependent (addicted to the show). Doesn’t have to be current. I can listen to the same show over and over, it still has the same effect…cheers me up. You two guys could have just talked about anything, and your original banter and infectious laughter alone makes the show. I try to make my weekend “honey-do” trips at the time I know the show will be on. For some reason, it is best enjoyed listening while driving a car. But if I get to a destination (store, etc.) while the program is still on, I have to sit in the car and listen until it is over. It’s a little hard explaining to the wife why a ten minute trip takes and hour and ten minutes, with nothing more to show. I always have to buy something extra just to justify the time. I need a recording of you guys laughing. Just to run randomly through my day.

But please keep running the show. I'm 72 and severely dependent (addicted to the show). Doesn't have to be current.

Hasen’t been current for over 2 years now…and I still listen when I can.

My Saturday mornings would not be complete without Car Talk on the radio. If I happen to miss it…the show repeats in the afternoon. If I’m travelling…I listen to the show on my laptop or Windows Smart phone.