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"Car Talk" is quite possibly the WORST most annoying radio show EVER

I finally listened to a few episodes.
This is literally the worst radio show I’ve ever listened to.

All they do is laugh excessively at themselves at stuff that isn’t even funny.
They make stupid annoying jokes, trying to sound clever.
They constantly self-deprecate to the point of nausea.

I just want to hear about cars problems and solutions.
Instead, I get the most corny kitchy “grandpa” humor.
One question that could be answered in 60 seconds ends up a 7 minute “segment”
Talk about pandering to morons to make something “interesting”


Sounds like the show isn’t for you! … lol … hmmm … well, since the shows are all on tape, not much you can do about it at this point. You could ask for a refund maybe.

“I just want to hear about cars problems and solutions.”

Then there are a number of internet forums and radio/TV shows more suited to your needs. Why bother posting this?

There is no such thing as the worst show you have ever heard if you don’t listen to it over and over. Guess someone tied you up and forced you to listen. Otherwise, two bad shows would have me tunning in something else. Guess you never checked all the talk shows on Sat. Radio either.

@UsedEconobox2UsedBMW…surely you jest. Have you ever listened to the “Rush Limbaugh” radio program?

And you need only listen once…

Oh, oh, just remembered the famous infamous “Melissa Incident”. UsedEconobox, you don’t happen to be from Seattle do you? … lol

I enjoy listening to the show, you do not, Enlighten me with a radio show you do enjoy, Hoping not to go as far back as the 4th tower of inverness!

I love the show.

I think it’s humorous, the callers are funny, and good advice is often given. The funniest part is when Tom and Ray tell guys how to get the chicks

A good way to spend Saturday morning, from 10AM-11AM

I often listen to cartalk in the background, while I’m doing sidejobs in my garage


I just flagged a disagree for you

I think you’re dead wrong . . . see my above post

BTW . . . if you think the show is lousy, why did you continue listening?

Why did you bother to post your opinion . . . it’s not really helpful to anbody but yourself

It’s not as if any of us are going to stop listening because you think the show is no good

If you just want to know automotive stuff, and nothing else, read that book I told you about


I actually have fond memories of listening to reruns of 4th tower of inverness

I enjoy the show as humorous entertainment with an occasional hint of technical insight. But then I enjoy Garrison Keiler on Saturday night, also. Obviously tastes in entertainment vary, I was recently in a room with 4 adults who actually thought “What Does the Fox Say” was a great piece of musical talent. Go figure.


I once saw Prairie Home Companion live at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a blast!

I also enjoy seeing silent movies, accompanied by an organ player. But some other people don’t have the patience for that kind of stuff. It’s not fast-paced enough, apparently.

Every year there’s a silent horror movie at Disney Concert Hall, and I try to go. It’s amazing how many people show up. This year it was the silent Phantom of the opera, with Lon Chaney. That guy was an awesome actor. And the guy playing the organ, Clark Wilson, really knows his stuff.

But, as I said, to each his own

If I didn’t like Cartalk, I’d just stop listening. And I wouldn’t bother to complain about it

And yet you came to the Car Talk forum to complain…after the hosts have already retired.

It certaninly can’t be as bad as the “Splendid Table” is. I will admit that it does get a little old after a while but their target market is more of an upscale eastern audience, not necessarily car folks. Some of the other shows I’ve heard spend most of the time talking about their lubricants or shop specials which is just as annoying.

I think Minneapolis/St. Paul had one of the best car talk shows on KSTP with Paul Brandt. He was very knowledgeable and had special guests with various specialties. Off the air in the great shake ups of media. Sure there was advertising but the people calling in were far more down to earth and with common problems. Every show is different though with a different audience.

OK…don’t listen to it anymore. And don’t tell us about it.

If I don’t like a radio show, I simply change the station. Try it, you’ll like it. It’s FREE!

The Car Talk show is corny - that’s what makes it unique. Loved by some and loathed by others. I enjoy the show when I happen to hear it, but I’m not a devoted fan who tunes in regularly. Actually I’ve lived in areas with strong NPR stations but where I live now there isn’t an NPR station I can get on a radio in the house. Therefore I used to listen to Car Talk much more frequently 4 years ago, but rarely hear it now.

I never listen to the third half of the show. Just like Beavis and Butthead; all problems disappear in 29 minutes.

Being able to laugh at ones self and not taking the things we do seriously is a distinct attribute of the show. “Same” is right though…THEY ARE GONE ALREADY !