DMV Questions


Looking for a place to go on the net that allows for discussion about in depth issues you may encounter at the DMV. Plate transfers, buy & selling cars etc, per a specific state.

Does anyone know of a forum, chat room, anything that is high traffic and related to this aspect of the automobile?

I apologize for posting here but by reading a lot of the other posts most of you are very good with your knowledge. Id rather get it from a trusted source such as this site. Thanks.


I don’t mean to pop your balloon, but I find it hard to imagine a high-traffic forum consisting of guys from Delaware posting, “Now let me tell you of MY visit to the DMV!” Talk about folks who need to get a life!

Seriously, if you have a particular problem you need to overcome, let us know. And state your State. Er, I mean place your Place.


Well of course not but in high traffic I simply mean gurus who may hang out at particular location that is viewed on a regular basis. Or at least knowledgeable about DMV questions in specific states. Didnt think it was that outrageous with the size of the internet.


Going to the DMV is like going to the hospital. YOu want to get in and out and forget about it ASAP. That’s why there is no forum on it-just google it I guess.


Yes, it was a bit tough to get answers on it. I ended up going to ebay motors forum and they had a huge section on the topic in regards to DMV etc. The exact opposite of what smarty mentioned above. It doesn’t surprise me though because I live near the guy and that is probably why I received that type of response. That s the type we have in the Lake Norman area hehehehe But thanks for your post galant, appreciate that very much.

If anyone does have question s about a specific states DMV or how they do certain transactions that you can’t find on their web site, I highly recommend going to the ebay motors forum where many people have run in to about any type of scenario. They certainly will not respond with sarcasm or make you feel like a fool for asking a question.

My situation involved taxing of a vehicle bought in one state, a title sent to the wrong address and taxes paid a second time on the same vehicle.


The regular posters do make you look like a fool. We know they did it to us several times. Its as if they never make a mistake like everyone else.

The other poster is right in that the DMV is a pain in the XXX to deal with and at times all you get is the run around so our advice is if you cant get things done in one level; go to the next level and if you need to; go to the main office and we hope its close by for you. (Hope you have a main office?)


Sorry for saying that jmfav and you are correct. Most of the posters in here will not do that to you and it is my fault for generalizing on one person. Sorry! I read the forum, never post, and you are correct that this is a great forum.

My mistake and definitely my fault for the poor wording of the post.


Well its not that you worded it badly but some of these guys need to show some mercy and they dont.

FYI; the DMV is always one office that gets alot of flack since they are so slow for getting things done so as soon as you put that in the listing; you got people going.


“Title Services” located in Alabama can be VERY helpful in obtaining a title for an older car for which the title (or lack of one) is causing problems.

For those who own many vehicles, South Dakota registers vehicles for the flat rate of $20/year regardless of age or type. No serial number verification, no prove of insurance required. No state sales tax…A car collectors paradise… You must “somehow” establish residency in order to take advantage of this.


Well, thanks for sharing the info. Ebay forums is where I will go from now on. When I was moving to CA, I went though hell because I wanted to be sure after paying $1K for shipping my car I will be able to drive it in CA. Things worked out but a lot of aggravation in between.


You are being too hard on the people who post here. CA emissions are the toughest in the nation and there is no way of telling unless you have a new car if the car is going to pass before you get there since the car can only be tested in CA.

CO where we live is the same way.

Yes its very aggravating but Car Talk and this website are not mind readers. They can only try to help you.


I wasn’t trying to be hard on anybody. The CA emissions are a bit tricky. It seems that the locals find a way to bypass them because I see lots of cars on the road with hefty exhaust emissions and “current” tags, but then I might be imagining things. I wasn’t aware of a forum that discusses DMV related issues, that is all. The DMV websites that I have looked for help have been only CT and CA. They have some helpful info but everytime you go to the local office it seems that you are also at the mercy of the officer working there.