Great Forum


I just wanted to say this is a great website & forum . I’m glad I found it . I started the discussion about turning an engine with a drill on another forum & all I received was a few members { mostly moderators } basically telling me I was an idiot & asking why I’d want to buy a used engine out of a wreck . They said I should just go buy a newer vehicle that was road ready . I even explained to them it was a hobby & I enjoyed working on vehicles .
Anyway , all I wanted to find was a forum of friendly , like minded & open minded folks to exchange ideas with & discuss problems & what would you do type questions . It appears I’ve found that here & I’m grateful .
I’ve been reading the other threads & if I feel I have anything useful to add to threads I will & at the least I can encourage people to try to repair their vehicles because we all know what garages charge to do anything . Sometimes we need them but several willing heads working together can solve many problems . Thanks to the friendly folks that took an interest in my thread & I’m sure I’ll be around & need more input on other things .


Well welcome. It’d be a little quiet here if it wasn’t for the whole VW fiasco so don’t be afraid to comment. Some of us comment whether we have anything useful to say or not. Yes this is a pretty good group and there is some very good knowledge here.


Welcome and I’m sure everyone is glad that you found the forum so helpful.

It strokes our ego’s a bit that we helped someone.



Just a friendly group of folks that take an interest , give an opinion & try to help makes the day finer .


“They said I should just go buy a newer vehicle that was road ready . I even explained to them it was a hobby & I enjoyed working on vehicles.”

Pay no attention to those nimrods. I have brought back many vehicles from the grave by either building an engine or just replacing it with a used one. A vehicle sitting in a field is repulsive to some people because it doesn’t run. I’ve never understood that mentality myself. If it’s the right make and model…I get excited at the chance to make it a “runner” again. Welcome aboard. As you have already discovered…it can be a bumpy ride. Just hang on and enjoy the journey with the rest of us.


Welcome to the forum. Glad you’ve found it helpful.


@Sloepoke - you helped by providing lots of info and responding to comments and questions. You’d be surprised how often we get next to no information, and no answers to any questions.


This forum has a wide mix of skills and interests, ranging from automotive engineers, scientists, mechanics, enthusiasts, to competent DIYs and everything in between.

We also have an interest in vi3tually any car ever manufactured.

As mentioned, we can help posters best if they give year, make, model, mileage, and circumstances surrounding their problem or query.

All of us learn more every time we participate in the forum.