Selling out-of-state cars in California

We’re relocating from Minnesota to the Bay Area, and are little short on time. Are there any problems selling an out-of-state car (purchased in Minnesota) in California. Would I have to spend money to bring the car up to Californian standards first?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Talk to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. They’re the correct ones to ask the question of.

If it’s a laet model car it will probably be 50-state leagl anyway. Your Owner’s Manuals should tell you.

Actually, I would ask the CA DMV what the rules are.

What car? Provide the year and model. Most newer cars and trucks are OK in Cali as well as the other 49 states.

Not a single problem. The car will pass emissions testing. Don’t lose the title. Same advice applies in any state. You don’t even have to pay the $300 they used to charge for non Ca. emissions that they used to charge. Ca. DMV is fast. If it ain’t broken, you don’t have any problems. And it ain’t broken. On Rt. 40 when entering Ca. they have a place where some guy asks if you brought any walnuts or almonds with you. I don’t think they mean the salted ones. I hope they don’t pull that on out of state cars anymore. Kinda stupid. I almost told him to get his own.

I meant that. He’s relocating to the Bay Area where he’s selling the car. I guess I didn’t word it too well (good?).