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Forum Needs

Is there any plans for the large red bars on each side of the forum? If not it would be nice if we could have a box that shows what you should post when asking a question. Mabe something like:






~Is the CEL on? Codes if read.

~Are you up to date on maintenance? If not what are you behind on?

~Remember T&R do not regularly post on here, you are talking to people who go out of there way, and are not payed for it, to help you with problems and advice. Please be kind and courteous.

It seems that the vast majority of new posters leave this information out. A reminder to them would be nice.

Blast! My attempt to post this in General Discussions was foiled again.

How will your boss know that you are visiting Car Talk if they change the red side bars to something less garish?

Also, when you submit a car question, the first line is the forum identifier. If it is not the forum you want, change it.

I like that idea, a standard car repair forum form, I am not sure about the red bars.

Yeah, I know. I still had the first line highlighted and hit an arrow key when I hit enter and it moved me up into “Repair and Maintenance” right as it was submitted.

Also could they put more posts per page and not repeat same posts on next page.
This is a GREAT site and has helped soooo many people

                                 thank you

Great idea - It would be a helpful format as people go out of their way to help, and their time is most appreciated, so hopefully this would minimize omissions of critical information.

They should also add a link to the Car Talk mechanic finder, seems like half the questions get at least one answer that tells the OP to find another mechanic.

Engine Option, Too! (Often Important Or Necessary)

This discussion has taken place several times.


Haven’t you realized they don’t care what you think? They say they do, but they never act as though they do. They rarely implement our suggestions, and when they do, they do it poorly.

I’d like to go back to the old forum style where I could just click on “see new posts since last visit” and actually see the posts, instead of having to waddle through 2 or more pages of old posts to find that new one