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Hi, wanted to get your thoughts on the categories as structured. Do you browse the discussions by choosing a category, or by reading all recent activity?

We are thinking of adjusting the titles and groupings, but I wanted to get your take.


I don’t use the category list except to see what a waste the Ask Someone site is. I am only interested in recent threads because after 30 days there is not really much to add and the person who started it has probably drifted off into cyber space.

I never use the categories, just look at recent posts.

I settled on “recent activity” years ago, and it’s been fine for me.

Latest for me, too.

Ditto for me.

Same here.

Most recent for me

When i logon, i first look at “new” posts. Then i go to “recent” posts.

I don’t pay any attention to the categories. I like everything in one place. Just makes it easier to look at the current posts.

Thanks, everybody, for the comments so far. I have always looked at the recent first, too.

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New then whatever new comment’s came in since I was last logged in.

You have to login? I use a shortcut and saved password. I am a paranoid user guy,but worrying about car talk account getting hacked the least of my worries. Sure I have a fake birthday on facebook, have a bud who put all his personal info on facebook, then his mothers obit, If I was so inclined easy pickings. 20 years ago had my daughter make a fake name and info for her facebook account. Sure I get lots of birthday wishes not on my birthday, have some disposable email addresses, olden days I could have up to 100, not sure if it is still the case, but the ones I set up still work.

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You have to login?

I stay logged in but if I shut my computer down for any reason I have to login.

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Bummer! I hate typing in passwords for sites I care not If I get hacked. At work I helped many people that had forgotten a password. Firefox which was the required browser when I was in charge allows you to go in and see saved passwords, how stupid is that? Of course there were exemptions such as bank accounts etc. that required IE, but IE was not allowed as a default browser.

I, too, only use the latest feature. I want to see all new posts regardless of category.

Shutdowns have no effect, but after I do a virus scan or a spyware scan, I have to log in again.

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If always look at the latest posts, and use the categories and a discriminator after that.

I use the “all categories” first, reading new, then latest, then top for the current week and current day.
Then I go to “ask someone” because “ask someone” posts do not show up under “all categories”.
I’m using the latest update iOS on an iPad.

Sometimes i check particular category’s but mainly i’m looking at all categories, latest posts.

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