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One night when I left the site, I had 55 Unread new topics, the next day I had only 33 and the ones that disappeared all seem to be the Ask Someone category. Has anyone else had this happen and is there any way I can deliberately delete them en mass? Do they disappear at a certain age?

Danged if I know. I’ve got 5599 unread though and 54 new. It’ll be a while for me.

I took a look around to see what you guys are talking about… wow, never noticed before, but there are buttons up top that show “unread” and “new” something. I haven’t ever clicked them, don’t need to, and what difference does it make? Why not just ignore them? What am I missing?

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I haven’t figured out how the Ask Someone posts are classified. Seems like they always show up as New when they first post, but not as Latest. I click the New button (like I did to find this thread), read and/or respond to the ones I want, then click the Dismiss New button. That seems to dispatch the Ask Someone posts that I’m not interested in.
I’ve done a little but not a lot with my personal settings. I added a couple of tags so that posts with that tag show up as Unread all the time. I don’t really have a clear understanding how to modify settings; maybe one of these days I’ll figure it out.

I think boilerengin has helped me see my problem. I like to keep my new posts cleaned out so I know next time I come back to the site anything in the new category is truly new. However, the ask someone category is overwhelming my efforts because I have no delete new button and can only get them out of the new category by opening them one ayt a time.
Where do I get or how do I find a delete new button?

Morning, all. A word on the tabs along the top of the screen when you’re logged in to the Community on a desktop. It’s true. The Ask Someone posts don’t show up in Latest, but they do show up in New. Or if you filter the topics by type, you can see all the Ask Someone posts at once. Don’t ask me why Ask Someone posts don’t show up in Latest. I didn’t design it that way, but in a way it’s better because when Victoria or I look in there we can weed out the truly nonsensical (beyond merely vague or declarative) and sort them appropriately.

When you click on the “New” button, it takes you to a list of posts that have been added since you last visited and you’ve not read. (I believe.) On desktop there is a button in the upper right that says “Dismiss New” and they drop off the list of new topics for you, en masse. It doesn’t delete the threads; it just eliminates them from your unread list.

The Ask Someone posts periodically drop in number because Victoria or I review them and reclassify them according to Repair/Maintenance, Buying/Selling, General Discussion, etc. So in practice, after they’ve been moderated, the Ask Someone posts don’t accumulate over time because they are mixed into the general population, or deleted. I also deleted a bunch of the Ask Someone posts that were test posts from before February.

Hope that helps. Please ask if you need more clarification. Happy Saturday.

Thanks very much, very helpful.

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Wow, life is too short… I think I will continue to ignore all those fancy buttons and the “new” and “unread” stuff and just maintain an even strain. I haven’t needed them so far, why start now? I can barely work my cell phone…
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An activity that should have gotten both of you a raise . I can see you now with your head down on the key pad wondering where did these people learn to write?

I’ve had to diagram my share of sentences in life, but Doug didn’t bring me in here to copyedit. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean and clicked on the new button. I’m not going to do that again. Not touching a thing. Like it the way I have it.

Well, I had a dismiss new button for about 2 hours and it is gone again. I think it actually said “delete new”.

I recently discovered notifications that I had messages among those buttons, I aspire to be able to barely work my “smarter than me” phone.

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