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DIesel in gas tank

A while back there was a number of post’s about people putting diesel fuel in the gas tank but no one would come back & say how they did it. Yesterday I found one way it could be done. I was in a area I had not been in for a long time & pulled into a station for gas.The pump I pulled up to had a green nozzle so I moved to the next pump it also had a green nozzle I then saw that all the pump’s were the same. They all had one nozzle For two grade;s of gas + diesel on each pump.Needles to say the nozzle would fit in any tank gas or diesel & for people not paying attention it would be easy to make a mistake. By the way it was a BP station.

Good to know

I thought it would be nice to let people know so they could watch out for it & stay out of trouble. I can;t remember the last time I stopped at a BP so will checking other BP"s in the area to see if they are the same or not.

I have long since quit buying gas at BP. I still have a BP card but avoid them after hearing too many issues with their gas. Maybe unfair but if you are 400 miles from home, why take a chance?

I have also expressed concerns with the Kwik Trip stations recently where they have E15 and maybe E85 on the same pump with just a little yellow warning sticker that it is only for flex fuel vehicles. I’ve almost been fooled myself so I can’t imagine that there aren’t going to be a whole lot of folks putting the wrong stuff in their cars and paying the price. They used to be my go to stations when traveling but now I prefer truck stops.

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I have always trusted truck stops when away from home @Bing but I got a tank full of bad gas at a large truck stop a year or so ago and my best guess is that a tanker had dumped E-85 into the UL-Regular tank. I pumped some of the fuel out and it tested positive for water but there was no settling of water in a glass. These days you just can’t be too careful about avoiding a ‘pig in a poke’ regardless what you are buying.

Yeah, me too. About 1982 I had my diesel and we were coming back from KC. I stopped at the busy truck stop in DesMoines and filled up. I should have known something was wrong when it took forever to fill up. Didn’t get 50 miles out of town and I was down to about 20 mph with a plugged up filter. Hobbled the rest of the 150 miles home at low speed and dropped it at the dealer. I think I only had 20,000 on it. At any rate, after a bunch of filter changes, I ended up dropping the tank and cleaning it out. All full of God knows what. After that I liked to look for final filters on the diesel pumps.

Murphy’s law says “what can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time” @Bing. And apparently there are some Murphy’s in my family tree. Possibly yours, also.

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Does this law mean you shouldn’t get your gas at Murphy USA?