2005 Honda Pilot - Diesel in a gas car

My kid put $20 worth of diesel in a gas engine by mistake and drove about 10 blokes to a service station. They want to drain the tank and lines. I get that but they also want to replace the fuel filter. I just want to know if this is necessary or can we just have the tank and lines done?

Another one , How many of these have there been recently.
Please tell us how he did that because if you are in the US the nozzle for diesel should not fit in a gas filler pipe.
But let the fuel filter get replaced you don’t need anymore problems than you already have.

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I have drained diesel fuel from many gasoline powered vehicles and have never replaced an in-tank fuel filter, it shouldn’t be necessary but you may be at the mercy of that good independent repair shop and have no choice if you want them to perform the work.

BTW, you are not alone, this happens every day but there is always that one guy that is mystified by such an occurrence.

My only suggestion is you might want to have it towed to your regular mechanic. He might want to replace the fuel filter, but you know/trust his work.

It shouldn’t, but the kid earning minimum wage that replaces the nozzle at the station after a drive off, probably can’t tell the difference between a 3/4" nozzle and a 15/16 nozzle, or the station may not even have a spare 15/16" nozzle.

We do see the diesel problem and ask how? Drove from FL to north Georgia recently. In FL gas nozzles usually are black, diesel are green. Stopped for gas south of Atlanta, gas was green/diesel black.
But you still have to push the pump button to select diesel.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed but it seem’s these type of post’s seem’s to have started with the ask someone feature.

You are correct about these wrong fuel posts starting in the ridiculous Ask Someone section.

I just want someone to tell us how they managed to put diesel in a gas vehicle.

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Yes that would be nice I don’t ever remember getting a response for that.

A few year’s back I knew of some one who I think put diesel in gas tank when they stole a 5gal. can of diesel out of the back of my pick up the only good thing they did was leave the empty can behind.

True. When traveling, I pulled into a busy station. I couldn’t understand why no one was not using the 3rd aisle of pumps. I had the nozzle in my hand when the smell caught me. Yep, I’d pulled to the new diesel pumps. I was driving the '69 Chevy PU, so could have easily dumped in 40 gallons of the wrong stuff.

Traveling in CA, I saw a guy working hard to shove a diesel nozzle in his car. “Uh… excuse me…”, but he was in a hurry. I’ve always wondered how he got on.

Ah… instant Karma in action.