2017 Toyota RAV4 - Diesel added - Help!

If I put $10 of diesel gas (which is approximately over 3 gallons) in an almost empty take and drove 6 minutes from the gas station and 30 miles per hour how much damage do you think was done to my 2017 Toyota Rav 4 and how much do you think it would cost to fix?

Call your closest shop for an estimate and have it towed there.
How did you do this ? If you are in the US the diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit a gas filler pipe.

Do you really expect an reply about how the OP put the diesel in?

No I don’t but maybe some day we will be told how they did that. What are we at for diesel in gas vehicles now ? 12 or more in the last few months ?

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At least if not more.

The closest I ever came to putting diesel in was in Georgia, pump handle for gas was green, diesel black, opposite of the handle colors in Florida. But you would still have to select the diesel button on the pump. I don’t see how these folks do it.


Probably texting or updating social media while getting “gas”…:man_facepalming:t2:


It’s very likely that no damage was done. However your shop will charge you for removing all the diesel from the tank and fuel system, which might be somewhat expensive. I’d guess the fee will be less than $500.

Not sure about the cost but letting a mechanic do the draining/flushing the fuel tank and fuel lines is your best option.

My friend’s wife managed to fill entire tank with diesel fuel.

When he asked “how? you can not insert it there??”, the answer was “well, I was surprised it did not fit, so I had to hold it next to the hole and go slow” :slight_smile:

AFAIK, after tank was drained and one of oxygen sensors was replaced, that car drove for many years more.

Probably the same ones that leave the kids in the car .


I was just in Ireland, where the unleaded gasoline hose has a green handle and the diesel is black. When I was paying I asked the man if Americans had issues with the color reversal. His answer was “Not so much, maybe only twice or three times a week.” This was in a small town far from Dublin or Belfast. I guess reading is not as common a skill as I thought.