2005 Toyota Corolla - Wrong fuel

Accidentally put in diesel full tank, drove a block, then had it towed, can it be fixed.

Yes it can be fixed how much depends how far into the fuel system the diesel fuel got. How did you get the diesel fuel into the tank as the diesel hose should not fit in a gas tank?

Well drove it a couple of blocks trying to get to mechanic.

Thank You


If you get it to the mechanic you will have your answer

Easy repair, drain the fuel tank, add gasoline and purge the fuel line, may need new spark plugs. Whether you drove for 30 seconds or 30 miles doesn’t matter much.

I feel better with that answer. Are you a mechanic?

Thank You


We see that mistake about every 3-4 weeks, yet nobody will explain how they managed to do this.


Yes, once a month something like this comes in the shop. Labor quote vary greatly between technicians.

I think our chance of winning the lottery is better than getting an OP to explain how they put diesel in the gas tank. :roll_eyes: :grinning: