2015 Toyota RAV4 - Diesel

I mistakenly added 1/3 of a gallon of diesel gas into my rav4 engine, after realizing my mistake I filled up with unleaded gas. Will this tiny amount of diesel ruin my engine?

Another one !

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Do they jam the nozzle into the under sized filler pipe?

Make sure your car is full of GAS along with that small amount of diesel. It should be OK…

But come back and tell us HOW you did this! And in what country!

We have at least one poster a week that has done this and we don’t understand how this keeps happening.


Thank you for your response. Yes, I ending up filling up my tank with regular gas (per the suggestion of a local Mr Tire associate).

Why did I do this? Getting gas in the morning, without enough coffee in my system and I’m stupid without caffeine.

I’m in the U.S.

What we are asking is did the diesel nozzle actually fit in your fuel fill pipe. We ask because the diesel nozzle in the US is supposed to be larger in diameter so it will not go in the gas vehicle fill pipe.

Nope, it didn’t fit

If the nozzle did not fit how did you get the diersel in the tank?

Yeah, I GET that!


… and that didn’t give you a clue… ?


I think you can sort of pull back on the nozzle’s boot enough to allow the pump to turn on, then just angle the nozzle to shoot the gas (in this case an accidental dose of diesel) right down the tube. I think I’ve used that trick when filling a gas can for my lawnmower.

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Shot it right in!

Mayby never tried it myself

Just out of curiosity, which states mandate the vapor recovery boots? California had them when I lived there, have not seen them in FL orGA.

I seem to recall Colorado had a boot, but it wasn’t connected to the switch that turned the pump on. The pump’s valve was at the beginning of the hose, so when the pump turned off there was still some gas in the hose you had to pour in manually by manipulating the hose. Here in San Jose that won’t work. There’s a robust, high-tech looking boot that must be in its compressed state for the pump to turn on at all. And the valve is at the nozzle end of the hose.

Ah now I know what George was talking about I never been in CA with a car only semi’s so never had to worry if nozzle would fit or not.I had heard about thos boot’ but never saw one.