Problem With Power Window

I have a 97 Taurus and when it gets hot outside the window won’t go up. At night when it cools of it will start working. It is the driver window that I have problems with. Is there anyway to reset this window? Can’t take the car anywhere, don’t like leaving it parked with the window down. I did have the motor replaced on this window two years ago.

Thanks for any advice given.

It’s probably not the motor. The heat is not enough to cause an electronic part to fail intermittently. You masy have a switch problem. Try taking the window switches out of the door and cleaning the contacts. If that doesn’t help or you can’t clean them, replace the switch set. I just bought one for my 1988 Regal for $65 on line - new and in the carton.

Thanks for your help. It was the switch and I did replace it.