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De-studding studded tires

How hard would it be to take the studs out of tires.

Not hard at all with a good grabbing set of pliers and maybe a pointy ice pick, BUT… you’ll never be able to re-stud them.

So a good pair of needle nose pliers and just pull them out?

If they came out that easy they’d be zinging the wheel wells every time you hit a bump at 70. They’ll come out, but I tip my hat to anyone with that much patience and persiatance.

Sincere best in your quest.

I had that done to one set of mine when I was in Anchorage, then they put in new studs, it worked out ok. Yep, pair of needle nose and lots of patience, I guess.

I’ve “de-studded” several sets of tires - though it was a few years back.

Get yourself a good set of cutting pliers (diagonal or end) and a little bit of patience, they’ll all come out.

An end cutter works best. Grab the stud and pry the stud out by rolling the end cutter on the tire by its cheek. Sorta like pulling a nail out with a claw hammer.


It sounds like it depends on the tire or studs because i grabbed a few with needle nose pliers and they came right out. Thanks guy

A narrow headed screw driver ended up being my weapon of choice. Rotate tires and grease about 3hrs