Replacing Wheel Stud


I own a 1992 2WD Isuzu P/U. One of 6 Stud from the rear wheel (drum brake)broken off as i tried to remove tire. I am trying to replace the broken one but can not loosen it off even banging with the hammer . Any idea? Thanks for your help.


Use a bigger hammer.


Egads, man…that axle may be rolling on delicate ball bearings! Sure, a bigger hammer can smack’em out of there but really, using a press is so much more genteel! Fully seat the new one with a lug nut and spacers before attaching the wheel. Good to go.


it usually takes a 10 pound sledge to persuade a lug stud to get out of there. the trick is it takes only one hit. but it has to be well aimed, and ‘square’ to the stud. if you miss, or hit unsquare you can break the hub flange (been there, done that) or actually mess up the threads on an adjacent stud. also, i mention one hit. but it is a full swing, large amount of force. this isn’t a ‘tap with an ordinary
claw hammer’ thing. you must realize if you do this wrong, you will wind up replacing the whole hub, maybe even the axle.

you will find there is only one area behind the hub where you can ‘tilt’ in the new stud. it is really close in size, and may make you look for it. the old stud is really short and will just about fall out, but the new stud will be full length and will require wiggling and finesse to install.

you need to get some washers and a couple of spare lug nuts from the auto parts store. get the nuts that DON"T have the fancy chrome covers. you need to put the nuts on the new studs backwards, with a bunch of washers to tighten the knurled part of the stud into the hub.

i find the stud installation, and drawing it tight to be the most challenging part of the job.


Hi, thanks a lot for your help. It is all done and here is the summary of what I have done. (Note that I am a small guy, 116 lbs, who can not provide much power.) Hopefully, someone can use those infos.
1/ Get a good heavy duty hammer.
2/ Get a good penetrating oil that would help loosening the stud (Fabulous Blaster brand name is good.)
3/ Raise up the p/u high from the ground so that the wheel hub can rotate freely.
4/ Yes, only one side of the hub provides good spacing to insert the new stud. I ended up replacing 3 studs. Do not worry that the stud not inserting into position properly. The next steps will do it.
5/ Put the drum back, you may have to extract the brake so that the drum can be slide in and out easily.
6/ Lower the p/up to the ground and tightening ALL the studs and noww the new stud would be pulled in the position.
7/ Take out the drum, adjust the brake to expanding back to previous position. Put back the drum and again, raise the p/up high from the ground to put back the wheel and tightening all the studs. Your vehicle is ready to go.

Again, thanks for your help especially at this time when I can not afford to have a new vehicle and also, hopefully someone will see those experiences are helpfull.